Page de Milan Stankovic


LaLIC (Langage Logique Informatique, Cognition)

Université Paris-Sorbonne

28 rue Serpente - 75006 Paris


Directeur de thèse : Philippe Laublet, contrat CIFRE

Communications Internationales avec actes

1. Stankovic Milan, Breitfuss Werner and Laublet Philippe (2011), "Discovering Relevant Topics using DBPedia", IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, Lyon, France, August 2011

2. Stankovic Milan, Breitfuss Werner, Laublet Philippe (2011), "Linked-Data Based Suggestion of Relevant Topics", Proceedings of I-SEMANTICS concerence 201, Gratz, Austria, September 2011

3. Passant Alexandre, Bojars Uldis, Breslin John G., Hastrup Tuukka, Stankovic Milan and Laublet Philippe (2010), "An overview of SMOB 2: Open, Semantic and Distributed Microblogging_Poster", in 4th Int'l AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media, Washington, May 2010

4. Stankovic Milan, Wagner Claudia, Jovanovic Jelena, Laublet Philippe (2010), "Looking for Experts? What can Linked Data do for You?", LDOW (Linked Data on the Web), WWW 2010 Workshop, Raleigh, April 2010

5. Stankovic Milan., Rowe Matthew and Laublet Philippe (2010), "Mapping Tweets to Conference Talks: A Goldmine for Semantics", Proceeding of the Third Social Data on the Web Workshop SDoW2010, collocated with the International Semantic Web Conference ISWC2010, Shanghai, China, November, 2010

6. Stankovic Milan, Passant Alexandre et Laublet Philippe (2009), "Directing Status Messages to their Audience in Online Communities", The MALLOW Workshop on Coordination, Organization, Institutions and Norms in agent systems in on-line communities (COIN2009), Torino, Italy, 09/2009

7. Stankovic Milan, Passant Alexandre,and Laublet Philippe (2009), "Status Messages for the Right Audience with an Ontology-Based Approach", In Proceedings of The First International Workshop On Collaborative Social Networks (CollaborateSN 2009). In conjuction with CollaborateCom 2009, Crystal City, Washington D.C., USA, November 11-14