I am currently a Research Engineer and developper at the Observatoire de la vie littéraire (OBVIL). I have a PhD in Linguistic Engineering from Paris-Sorbonne University – France. I have taught ICTE, IT and NLP in several universities in France (Sorbonne, Institut Catholique de Paris) and in UAE (PSUAD).

My research activities in the domain of NLP, Digital Humanities and E-learning focus on the following fields: automatic annotation of reported speech, opinions, rumors, irony and other aspects of discursive and semantic analysis of texts in French and in Arabic.

Qualifié aux fonctions de Maître de Conférences des Universités en 2019 en 27ème section du CNU (Informatique)

contact: motasem.alrahabi@sorbonne-universite.fr


PhD Thesis (Paris-Sorbonne University - France, 2003-2010)

- Discipline: Mathematics, Informatics and their Applications in Human Sciences.
- Grade: First class honours with highest praise (Très honorable avec félicitations du jury).
- Title: EXCOM-2: plateforme d'annotation automatique de catégories sémantiques. Applications à la catégorisation des citations en français et en arabe. Thèse de doctorat, sous la direction du Prof. Jean-Pierre Desclés, Université Paris-Sorbonne.

Master's Degree 2 (Paris-Sorbonne University - France, 2001-2003)

- Discipline: Mathematics, Informatics and their Applications in the Human Sciences - Option: Natural Language Processing.
- Institution: Paris-Sorbonne University - France
- Title: Résumé automatique de textes en arabe à l'aide de la méthode de l'Exploration Contextuelle. Mémoire de DEA, sous la direction du Prof. Jean-Pierre Desclés, Université Paris-Sorbonne.
Master's Degree 1 (Cergy-Pontoise University - France, 2000-2001)

- Discipline: Modern Literature - Option: Translation.
- Title: Bilinguisme et Traduction: sous la direction du Prof. Chritstiane Choulet-Achour, Université Cergy-Pontoise, et du Prof. Gilbert Grandguillaume, EHESS.

Bachelor's Degree (Damascus University - Syria, 1997-2000)

- Discipline: French Literature and Linguistics.
University Institute of Technologies (Le Havre University - France, 1990-1993)

- Discipline: Information Technologies systems and Management.
Hight School Diploma

- Literary Baccalaureate, Damascus, Syria - 1996.
- Scientific Baccalaureate, Damascus, Syria - 1990.

teaching and experience

Main responsabilities

  • Research Engineer at OBVIL, Sorbonne University, France (Sept. 2018 - to date).
  • Lecturer in ICT for Education, PSUAD (Sept. 2010 - June 2018).
  • Associate lecturer in Computer Science and NLP, Paris-Sorbonne University and Institut Catholique de Paris (September 2007- June 2010).
  • Teaching and Research Assistant (ATER) in Computer Science, Paris-Sorbonne University (September 2005 - August 2007).
Designed and delivered teachings

Teaching domains since 2005: IT, NLP, ICT for Languages (French and Arabic)

  • 2010-2018:
    • NLP (International Business Master's program; French as a Foreign Language Master's program, PSUAD):
      • Introduction to the Natural Language Processing.
      • Introduction to Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis.
      • Data analysis and visualization using TXM, Iramuteq, Voyant tools, Gephi.
    • C2i, Computer and Intranet Certificate (All Bachelors programs, PSUAD)
    • ICTE for French teachers (Teaching French as a Foreign Language Master's program, PSUAD): 
      • ICT based language teaching and learning approaches.
      • E-learning solutions for language teaching and online learning environments.
      • Web 2.0 tools for teachers. 
      • Online collaboration and cloud computing tools (manage and plan activities, social networks, blogs and wikis).
      • Online pedagogical resources for language teaching.
    • ICTE for French learners (undergraduate, PSUAD):
      • Creating online collaborative works for French language learners: pedagogical blogs and podcasting; multilingual thematic glossaries; interactive grammatical exercises; audio-visual and cinematographic materials...
    • French language for non-native speakers (undergraduate, PSUAD):
      • Writing, reading, speaking, and listening (CEFRL levels: A1 to B2).
    • IT (Banking and Finance Master's program; Applied Foreign Languages, Law and Economy Bachelors program, PSUAD)
      • Introduction to Algorithmic & modeling languages (UML).
      • Databases (Microsoft Office Access, MySQL).
      • Project Management Tools (Microsoft Office Project).
      • Advanced Office software (Open Office, MS Office): Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Presentation.
      • Image editing (Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus) and audio signal processing (Audacity).
      • HTML, Javascript and CSS.
      • Copyright legislation for Internet and softwares.
  • 2016-2017: Arabic as foreign language for beginners (Applied Foreign Languages Bachelors, PSUAD)
    • Alphabet and pronunciation
    • Basic vocabulary
    • Morphosyntactic system of Arabic language: introduciton 
  • 2010-2013: Arabic linguistic (Applied Foreign Languages Bachelors, PSUAD)
    • Introduction to Linguistics.
    • Textual and discursive analysis.
    • Translation (Arabic-French).
    • Summarization techniques.
  • 2007-2010: NLP (Masters LFA & ILGII, Paris-Sorbonne University - France)
    • Introduction to the NLP.
    • Automatic text segmentation (tokenization).
    • Semantic and discursive text annotation tools.
  • 2005-2010: IT (Bachelors, Paris-Sorbonne University - France & Institut Catholique de Paris)
    • Office software: word Processing, Spreadsheet and Presentation.
    • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XSLT and Website designing.
    • Image manipulation.
    • Copyright legislation and Security.
  • 2003-2005: IT Mentoring (Bachelors, Paris-Sorbonne University - France)
    • Office Softwares and Internet.

Designing educational workshops

  • French Language and Digital Museums: (2016- 2018): This new workshop offers to FLE students the opportunity to develop the practice of French language while discovering the basics of artistic analysis: Painting, sculpture, mosaic, drawing and photography. Inspired by the task based learning, students will be asked to create detailed description sheets (Cartels) for the selected pieces. At the end of their work, the students will participate in the creation of a collective online exhibition as a virtual digital museum.
  • PSUAD Webradio (2013- 2018): This web based radio proposes pedagogical and cultural podcasts (reports, interviews and chronicles) created by French language learners. I created this annual workshop to allows our students to improve, beside everything else, their speaking skills by attractive ways. 
  • Vocabulaire en action or VocaTion (2014): This workshop aims to enhance the acquisition, understanding and re-use of vocabulary among learners. Designed on an actional model, this workshop covers different skills related to linguistics, ICTE and methodology. The objective of this activity is to create for an acquired word mindmaps and crossword puzzles related to morphological information (derivation) and semantic relations: synonymy, antonymy, hyperonymy, etc. 

Provided trainings

  • 2018, January: Webradio
    • Duration: 12h
    • Public: French language teachers - UAE
    • Organized byInstitut Français Abu Dhabi
    • Content:  Train French teachers to produce podcasts with their students and broadcast them on an online radio.
  • 2017, July: Online presentation tools
    • Duration: 4h30
    • Public: French Department teachers - PSUAD
    • Organized by: PSUAD
  • 2016, February, April and September: E-Learning (Blackboard), Interactive Whiteboards, Digital teaching resources.
    • Duration: 20h, 10 weeks training
    • Public: French Department teachers - PSUAD
    • Organized by: PSUAD
  • 2015, October: "L'art dans tous ses états avec les TICE" (brochure, link). Identify, edit and republish media resources (image, audio & video) for language teaching.
  • 2013, June: Designing pedagogical activities using Interactive Whiteboards (brochure).  
  • 2011, (22th of May to 23th of June): Commissioned by the French Alliance in Abu Dhabi to create the Arabic language curriculum for beginners (curriculum development and assessment, hiring teachers, program administration...)

Research activities

Current research projects
  • Developing for OBVIL a "Guided Reading" tool to allow resarchers and students in order to mine and compare literary corpora by navigating through time and enunciative modalities (agreement, disagreement, appreciations, opinions ...) expressed around a concept, a subject or an authority.
  • Subjectivity Analysis in the Reported Speech (Arabic and French, see E-Quotes).
  • Media treatment of autism in the United Arab Emirates (slides).
  • Using new technologies for language teaching (e-learning).

Conferences and workshops organization
  • Co-organization of the conference "Colloque international sur l’enseignement du Français Langue Étrangère : approche actionnelle et pratiques numériques", Paris-Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi, 01/05/2018 [brochurewebsite]
  • Organization of the workshop: "The Heritage of popular expressions: from one language to another", Paris-Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi, 15/12/2015 [brochure & details].

Research supervising
  • Co-Supervisor of Master research student (2016-2017):
    • Student: Nassab Kassem
    • Affiliation: Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon
    • Director: Prof. Ghassan Mourad
    • Subject: Automatic identification of "Results" in Arabic scientific papers.
  • Technical superviser of two master's thesis at Paris-Sorbonne University - LaLIC
    • Évaluation du point de vue de la « rencontre » entre entités dans le cadre d’un Système de Recherched’Information, A. Franchi, 2008.
    • Extraction automatique et intégration de textes dans la plateforme EXCOM, M. Boubakir, 2009.

  • Reviewer for TAL Journal, special issue on NLP for Arabic and related languages (58-3), directed by Mona Diab, Nizar Habash and Imed Zitouni, 2017.
  • Reviewer for Ain Shams Engineering Journal (ASEJ), Elsevier. ISSN: 2090-4479, 2017.
  • Reviewer for MEDES'16, the International ACM Conference on Management ofEmergent Digital EcoSystems (Special Track on Computational Intelligence), France, 2016.
  • Reviewer for the International FLAIRS conference, Semantic, Logics, and Information Extraction in AI (Special track), Key Largo, Florida, 2016.
  • Reviewer for MEDES'14, the International ACM Conference on Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystems (Special Track on Computational Intelligence), Saudi Arabia, 2014.
  • Reviewer for ICITeS'2011 - International Conference on Information Technology ande-Services, Tunisia, 2011.
  • Reviewer for the International LREC conference, Language Resources and Human Language Technologies forSemitic Languages (Workshop), Malta 2010.

Talks and seminars
  • Invited talk to the Arabic Studies Program, organized by Dr. Muhamed Osman Al-Khalil, NYUAD, 15 october 2017, Abu Dhabi, UAE [flyer
  • Participant at the workshop of the Labex OBVIL, Paris-Sorbonne University, June 2016, Paris, France.
    • Title: "Corpus de l’OBVIL: Lecture guidée par les annotations sémantiques", [slides]
  • Participant at the workshop: "The Heritage of popular expressions: from one language to another", Paris-Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi, 15/12/2015 [brochure & details]
    • Title: Translation of Emirati proverbs from Arabic to French. 
  • Participant at the workshop of the Labex OBVIL, Paris-Sorbonne University, April 2015, Paris, France.
    • Title: "Premiers résultats d’analyse des modalités rapportées dans le corpus “Critique” de l’équipe OBVIL", [slides]
  • Invited speaker at the International FLAIRS conference, Semantic, Logics, and Information Extraction in AI (Special track), Pensacola, Florida, 2014.
    • Title: "A subjectivity analysis tool for the reported speech".
  • Invited researcher at Cognition and Text Laboratory, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, South Korea, through the project PHC STAR, funded by the EGIDE association.
    • Supervised by Prof. PAK Shihyeon.
    • Subject: Semantic annotation and automatic summarization tools.
    • Dates: Dec. 2008 and Dec. 2010.
  • Invited researcher at LANCI laboratory – University of Québec, Montréal, Canada.
    • Supervised by Prof. Jean-Guy Meunier.
    • Subject: Assistance tool for expert reading.
    • Date: 10th to 31st May 2009.
  • Panel member and invited talk at the international Conference "2ème Colloque International en Traductologie et TAL", Oran, Algeria.
    • Organized by Prof. F. Bouhadiba (Oran University, Algeria) and Prof. S. Carday (Centre TAL, Lucien Tesnière, France).
    • Subject: Opinion analysis in the reported speech in Arabic.
    • Date: 7th and 8th of June 2008.
  • Internships at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Sciences Information (ENSSIB), Lyon, France.
    • Supervised by Prof. Mohamed Hassoun (ENSSIB) and Prof. Joseph Dichy (Univ. of Lyon II).
    • Subject: Using the Arabic electronic database (DIINAR) and the Arabic concordancer (AraConc).
    • Date: May and June 2005.
  • Participant at the workshops of the University of Lyon II and ENSSIB through scientific research programs supported by the "Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie".
    • Supervised by Prof. Joseph Dichy (Univ. of Lyon II) and Prof. Mohamed Hassoun (ENSSIB).
    • Subject: Automatic Processing of Arabic and French Languages.
    • Dates: 24th and 25th of April, 2007 ; 4th and 5th of April, 2008 ; 9th and 10th of Jan., 2009 ; 26th and 27th of March, 2010.


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Programming skills
  • Java, Python, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XSLT, Apache Solr, Git, Omeka.
  • NLP tools and regular expressions.
  • ICT & tools for Education.
  • Image and Video editing.
  • Advanced Office.

Software creator
  • Apollinaire Interface (forthcoming January).
  • E-Quotes: This search engine allows first locating keywords in semantically categorized quotations in Arabic or French. The latest are automatically identified and categorized by EXCOM-2. Definitions, reported opinions, and rumors are few examples of this semantic categorization.
  • EXCOM-2: I created this rule-based tool for text annotation during the course of my thesis. The project was funded between 2007 and 2009 by France Telecom and  the Assiciation for the Development of Information Technology in the Humanities (ADISH).

Ressources creator (for French learners):
  • Multilingual IT Glossary (Arabic, French, English)
  • Thematic glossaries for French learners (in progress).
Certified trainer:
  • Certified Examiner-Scorer for the DELF accreditation programs (A1 to C2) - CIEP, 2017.
  • Webradio and WebTv trainer (CLEMI, Abu Dhabi, 2013, and CLEMI, Paris, 2014).
  • Certified Trainer for Interactive whiteboards use in language teaching (2013).
  • Certified Trainer Professional for ICDL training (2012).
  • Certified Trainer Professional for Blackboard (2012).
  • Coordinator of the Computer Science and Internet Certificate (C2I) at PSUAD (2010 - 2018).
Languages skills:
  • Arabic: Native language
  • French: Near-native fluency
  • English: Very good level
Professional memberships: Professional awards: