Main responsabilities

  • Research Engineer at OBVIL, Sorbonne University, France (Sept. 2018 - to date).
  • Lecturer in ICT for Education, Paris-Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi, UAE (Sept. 2010 - June 2018).
  • Associate lecturer in Computer Science and NLP, Paris-Sorbonne University and Institut Catholique de Paris (September 2007- June 2010).
  • Teaching and Research Assistant (ATER) in Computer Science, Paris-Sorbonne University (September 2005 - August 2007).

Designed and delivered teachings

Teaching domains since 2005: IT, NLP, ICT for Languages (French and Arabic).

  • 2010- June 2018: NLP (International Business and Languages Master's program; Teaching French as a Foreign Language Master's program, PSUAD):
        Introduction to the Natural Language Processing.
        Introduction to Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis.
        Information Retrieval and Documentary Watch.
  • 2010- June 2018: C2i, Computer and Intranet Certificate (All Bachelors programs, PSUAD)
        The C2i is a certification granted by the French high education institutions.
            Optimal use of a computer
            Master advanced activities in office jobs.
            Efficient use of internet services.
            Distance implementation of collective work.
            Familiarization to the legal and deontological aspects of the areas concerned.
  • 2010- June 2018: ICTE for French teachers (Teaching French as a Foreign Language Master's program, PSUAD):
            ICT based language teaching and learning approaches.
            E-learning solutions for language teaching and online learning environments.
            Web 2.0 tools for teachers.
        Online collaboration and cloud computing tools (manage and plan activities, social networks, blogs and wikis).
            Online pedagogical resources for language teaching.
  • 2010- June 2018: ICTE for French learners (undergraduate, PSUAD):
            Creating online collaborative works for French language learners: pedagogical blogs and podcasting; multilingual thematic glossaries; interactive grammatical exercises; audio-visual and cinematographic materials...
  • 2010- June 2018: French language for non-native speakers (undergraduate, PSUAD):
            Writing, reading, speaking, and listening (CEFRL levels: A1 to B2).
  • 2010-2015: IT (Banking and Finance Master's program; Applied Foreign Languages, Law and Economy Bachelors program, PSUAD)
            Introduction to Algorithmic & modeling languages (UML).
            Databases (Microsoft Office Access, MySQL).
            Project Management Tools (Microsoft Office Project).
            Advanced Office software (Open Office, MS Office): Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Presentation.
            Image editing (Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus) and audio signal processing (Audacity).
            HTML, Javascript and CSS.
            Copyright legislation for Internet and softwares.
  • 2016-2017: Arabic as foreign language for beginners (Applied Foreign Languages Bachelors, PSUAD)
            Alphabet and pronunciation
            Basic vocabulary
            Morphosyntactic system of Arabic language: introduciton
  • 2010-2013: Arabic linguistic (Applied Foreign Languages Bachelors, PSUAD)
            Introduction to Linguistics.
            Textual and discursive analysis.
            Translation (Arabic-French).
            Summarization techniques.
  • 2007-2010: NLP (Masters LFA & ILGII, Paris-Sorbonne University - France)
            Introduction to the NLP.
            Automatic text segmentation (tokenization).
            Semantic and discursive text annotation tools.
  • 2005-2010: IT (Bachelors, Paris-Sorbonne University - France & Institut Catholique de Paris)
            Office software: word Processing, Spreadsheet and Presentation.
            HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XSLT and Website designing.
            Image manipulation.
            Copyright legislation and Security.
  • 2003-2005: IT Mentoring (Bachelors, Paris-Sorbonne University - France)
            Office Softwares and Internet.

Designing new educational workshops

  • French Language and Digital Museums: (2016- 2018): This new workshop offers to FLE students the opportunity to develop the practice of French language while discovering the basics of artistic analysis: Painting, sculpture, mosaic, drawing and photography. Inspired by the task based learning, students will be asked to create detailed description sheets (Cartels) for the selected pieces. At the end of their work, the students will participate in the creation of a collective online exhibition as a virtual digital museum.
  • PSUAD Webradio (2013- 2018): This web based radio proposes pedagogical and cultural podcasts (reports, interviews and chronicles) created by French language learners. I created this annual workshop to allows our students to improve, beside everything else, their speaking skills by attractive ways.
  • Vocabulaire en action or VocaTion (2014): This workshop aims to enhance the acquisition, understanding and re-use of vocabulary among learners. Designed on an actional model, this workshop covers different skills related to linguistics, ICTE and methodology. The objective of this activity is to create for an acquired word mindmaps and crossword puzzles related to morphological information (derivation) and semantic relations: synonymy, antonymy, hyperonymy, etc.

Provided trainings

  • 2018, January: Webradio
            Duration: 12h
            Public: French language teachers - UAE
            Organized by: Institut Français Abu Dhabi
            Content:  Train French teachers to produce podcasts with their students and broadcast them on an online radio.
  • 2017, July: Online presentation tools
            Duration: 4h30
            Public: French Department teachers - PSUAD
            Organized by: PSUAD
  • 2016, February, April and September: E-Learning (Blackboard), Interactive Whiteboards, Digital teaching resources.
            Duration: 20h, 10 weeks training
            Public: French Department teachers - PSUAD
            Organized by: PSUAD
  • 2015, October: "L'art dans tous ses états avec les TICE" (brochure, link). Identify, edit and republish media resources (image, audio & video) for language teaching.
            Duration: 9h, 2 days training
            Public: French teachers in UAE
            Organized by: Institut Français Abu Dhabi
  • 2013, June: Designing pedagogical activities using Interactive Whiteboards (brochure). 
            Duration: 12h, 2 days training
            Public: French teachers in UAE
            Organized by: Institut Français Abu Dhabi
  • 2011, (22th of May to 23th of June): Commissioned by the French Alliance in Abu Dhabi to create the Arabic language curriculum for beginners (curriculum development and assessment, hiring teachers, program administration...).

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